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Featured Works

Compositions and Dedications

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Tommy Tycho - Violin Concerto

Australian legendary composer, pianist, arranger and star of TV variety Tommy Tycho composed this incredible concerto for me and I have the great honour of bearing the dedication. I premiered it in 2010 with the Lurline Chamber Orchestra and after about 20 performances I continue to make the work as widely heard as possible.

Song of the Ocean

In 2022 I premiered my new composition "Song of the Ocean" for solo violin. I grew up swimming in the ocean nearly every day, and like many Australians, have a deep love for its beauty and the joy and solace it brings. The piece is very visual and atmospheric, combining ambient soundscapes and soaring melodies, and also making room for the quirky creatures of the deep. The piece has scope for adding ambient strings and/or percussion - and performing in collaboration with visuals or dancers, something I am working toward.

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