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House and Community Concerts

I have been passionate about music in the home and community all my life. I grew up in a home filled with music - every day amongst the family, and on regular occasions amongst friends. Then there were many, many actual concerts in the home - from our student and youth orchestra days to inviting seasoned professional colleagues to join us for fundraisers and so many other occasions. I have also played in community events, nursing homes, schools etc. from a young age.


The close contact with audiences is a very personal joy to me and I am fortunate o be able to share the experiences with music-lovers over a cuppa, and find out how the music moves and uplifts them and is often the "best medicine they had all year"!

My dream to run my own House Concert Series was first fulfilled through Blue Mountains Chamber Concerts, which I founded to run our Blackheath House Concert Series, a successful professional subscription series of 7 programs per year, 2 concerts per program, all sold out!

Then through the Lurline Chamber Orchestra I organised community-based concerts in Sydney, whilst also running the Bundeena House Concerts - also consistently a sell-out event!

I am currently involved in private house concert events which are mostly not publicly mentioned on this website. If you would like to host a concert in a home or community venue, please contact me directly to, in the box below or via my Contact Page.

I am able to provide classical recitals, salon-style concerts, chamber music, jazz and Latin, new and ambient music including my own nature-inspired compositions as well as contemporary singer/songwriter performances.

Let’s Make Music!

Please get in touch and help bring music to your home or community!

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